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Phylogeny and systematics of Micranthes (Saxifragaceae): an appraisal in European territories


Recent phylogenetic studies have shown that Saxifraga, as currently understood, must be divided into two genera: Saxifraga L. sensu stricto and Micranthes Haw. To better understand the evolutionary history of these two genera, we performed phylogenetic analyses inferred from the nuclear ribosomal sequences from the internal transcribed spacer and the sequences of the plastid DNA (rbcL). Our molecular data confirmed the monophyly of the genus Micranthes and the consistency of the existing systematic treatments based on morphological criteria. Moreover, Micranthes species native from the Iberian Peninsula (i.e. M. clusii, M. lepismigena and M. stellaris) should be included into Micranthes sect. Arabisa.

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The authors wish to thank Candela Cuesta for her helpful and pertinent comments in early stages of this manuscript. We are grateful to Álvaro Bueno, María Ceballos and Víctor M. Vázquez for helping with the sampling.

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Details of plant material used in this paper. Species name and authors followed by GenBank accession numbers for the ITS and rbcL markers respectively. GenBank numbers shown in italics correspond to new sequences generated.

Astilbe rivularis Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don (FJ653630-FJ65363047), A. taquetii (H.Lév.) Koidz. (L11173), Astilboides tabularis (Hemsl.) Engl. (U06207), Bergenia cordifolia (Haw.) Sternb. (U06208), B. crassifolia (L.) Fritsch (AM183412), Bolandra oregana S.Watson (U51255/U06209), Boykinia aconitifolia Nutt. (U51254), B. occidentalis Torr. (AM183413), B. rotundifolia Parry ex A.Gray (L11175), Chrysosplenium japonicum (Maxim.) Makino (AB003269), C. macrostemon Maxim. ex Franch. & Sav. (AB003271), C. pilosum Maxim. (JN375558), C. ramosum Maxim. (AB003273), Darmera peltata (Torr. ex Benth.) Voss (AB292041/L11180), Elmera racemosa (S.Watson) Rydb. (AB248849/U06210), Heuchera americana L. (AF158954), H. micrantha Dougl. ex Lindl. (L01925), H. sanguinea Engelm. (EU002280), Itea virginica L. (AY231368/L11188), Jepsonia parryi (Torr.) Small. (U51262/U06211), Leptarrhena pyrolifolia (D.Don) R.Br. ex Ser. (L11191), Micranthes atrata (Engl.) Losinsk. (EU158852), M. careyana (A.Gray) Small (not uploaded to GenBank, Lanning 2009), M. caroliniana (A.Gray) Small (not uploaded to GenBank, Lanning 2009), M. clusii (Gouan) Fern. Prieto, Vazquez, Vallines & Cires (KC749985/KC749989) (FCO-32851, Mt. Erakurri, Navarra, Spain, 30T 594677E-4772607N, 1,043 m), M. integrifolia (Hook.) Small (not uploaded to GenBank, Soltis et al. 2001/L01953), M. lepismigena (Gouan) Fern. Prieto, Vazquez, Vallines & Cires (KC749986/KC749990) (FCO-32856, Ponga, Asturias, Spain, 30T 320679E-4789315N, 269 m), M. melanocentra (Franch.) Losinsk. (EU158846), M. micranthidifolia (Haw.) Small (not uploaded to GenBank, Lanning 2009), M. pallida (Wall. ex Ser.) Losinsk. (EU158863), M. pensylvanica (L.) Haw. (not uploaded to GenBank, Lanning 2009), M. petiolaris (Raf.) Brouillet & Gornall (not uploaded to GenBank, Lanning 2009), M. punctata (L.) Losinsk. (not uploaded to GenBank, Soltis et al. 2001/U06218), M. stellaris (L.) Galasso, Banfi & Soldano (KC749987/KC749991) (FCO-32853, Alto Campoo Cantabria, Spain, 30T 386491E-4766936N, 1,692 m), M. tolmiei (Torr. & A.Gray) Brouillet & Gornall (not uploaded to GenBank, Soltis et al. 2001), M. virginiensis (Michx.) Small (not uploaded to GenBank, Lanning 2009), Mukdenia rossii (Oliv.) Koidz. (U06212), Peltoboykinia tellimoides (Maxim.) H.Hara (AB248847/U06213), Rodgersia pinnata Franch. (U06214), R. podophylla A.Gray (AB248848), Saxifraga cernua L. (U06215), S. cuneifolia L. (KC749992) (FCO-33041, Petit San Bernard, close to Pont Serrand, France, 32T 337986E-506345N, 1,833 m), S. granulata L. (AF482692), S. hirsuta L. (KC749993) (FCO-33042, Caunedo, Somiedo, Asturias, Spain, 29T, 723426E-4771747N, 990 m), S. mertensiana (U06216), S. oppositifolia L. (U06217), S. rotundifolia L. (AF087598), S. spathularis Brot. (KC749988/KC749994) (FCO-33040, Embalse de las Portas, Orense, Spain, 29T 648340E-4664218N, 784 m), Saxifragodes albowiana (Kurtz ex Albov & Kurtz) D.M.Moore (AF374825-AF374826/AF374731), Saxifragopsis fragarioides Small (FJ653637-FJ653654), Sullivantia oregana S.Watson (U51258/U06219), Tanakaea radicans Franch. & Sav. (U51263/U06220), Telesonix heucheriformis (Rydb.) Rydb. (U06221), T. jamesii (Torr.) Raf. (U51260), Tellima grandiflora (Pursh) Douglas ex Lindl. (AF158952/U06222), Tolmiea menziesii (Pursh) Torr. & A.Gray (AB248857/U06223).

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