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Sugar-induced adventitious roots in Arabidopsis seedlings


The effects of sugars on root growth and on development of adventitious roots were analyzed in Arabidopsis thaliana. Seeds were sown on agar plates containing 0.0–5.0% sugars and placed vertically in darkness (DD) or under long day (LD, 16 h:8 h) conditions, so that the seedlings were constantly attached to the agar medium. In the sucrose-supplemented medium, seedlings showed sustained growth in both DD and LD. However, only dark-grown seedlings developed adventitious roots from the elongated hypocotyl. The adventitious roots began to develop 5 days after imbibition and increased in number until day 11. They could, however, be initiated at any position along the hypocotyl, near the cotyledon or the primary root. They were initiated in the pericycle in the same manner as ordinary lateral roots. Sucrose, glucose and fructose greatly stimulated the induction of adventitious roots, but mannose or sorbitol did not. Sucrose at concentrations of 0.5–2.0% was most effective in inducing adventitious roots, although 5.0% sucrose suppressed induction. Direct contact of the hypocotyl with the sugar-supplemented agar medium was indispensable for the induction of adventitious roots.

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We thank Prof. Nobuharu Goto of Miyagi University of Education for kindly supplying Arabidopsis thaliana seeds (col-0), Drs. Tomoko Goto, Qiang Sun for their advice, and Hizuru Yamashita for technical support. We also wish to thank Drs. Ian G. Gleadall (Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University) and Hironao Kataoka (Tohoku University) for their helpful advice.

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