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The multisample Cucconi test

  • Marco Marozzi


The multisample version of the Cucconi rank test for the two-sample location-scale problem is proposed. Even though little known, the Cucconi test is of interest for several reasons. The test is compared with some Lepage-type tests. It is shown that the multisample Cucconi test is slightly more powerful than the multisample Lepage test. Moreover, its test statistic can be computed analytically whereas several others cannot. A practical application example in experimental nutrition is presented. An R function to perform the multisample Cucconi test is given.


Nonparametric testing The multisample location scale problem  The Cucconi test Rank testing 


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  1. 1.Department of Economics, Statistics and FinanceUniversity of CalabriaRende CSItaly

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