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Dear Readers

Dear Readers

Good news! We are very pleased to announce that the publisher of our journal, SpringerNature, has already authorized the publication of 17 papers in each of our 2018 issues. As you probably know, every paper that appears in this journal is published first electronically online where it is freely accessible by IMWA members. Once it is electronically published, the paper is queued for publication in an upcoming quarterly print issue. But we have a large backlog of papers ready for print. By increasing the number of papers published in each issue from 14 (a few years ago) to 16 this year, and to 17 next year, we are slowly decreasing our backlog. In the interest of fairness, I am now trying to publish the oldest accepted papers first (based on their initial submission date) and will generally continue to do so. We owe that to our authors

The growth in our issue size is also an indication of the demand for our journal’s papers among professionals in the field. Our reading audience is growing, as is the demand for research in our field. Our authors are to be congratulated for their scholarship.

Welcome to our two new associate editors who have joined our great team of associate editors. Together, they are playing a vital role in helping this journal continue to improve. I thank all of them for their ongoing efforts. We could still use one or two more associate editors. If you are interested, just let me know.

Also, for the first time, I am recruiting an assistant to help me with some of the more routine tasks of being the editor-in-chief, such as screening submissions to see if they are appropriate for our journal, assigning appropriate manuscripts to our associate editors to handle (based on their current workload and areas of interest), and periodically looking over their active assignments to see if one of them needs to be reminded (alright, nagged), and if they are temporarily overwhelmed, helping out. If you have good (not perfect) English skills, and a keen interest in mine water issues, please e-mail me. Editing a journal is an exciting process and I’d be happy to share it with an interested individual. Because we are still shaping this assistant role, its nature is flexible.

We also need more reviewers, to help us decide which papers should be published and which need more work. We need experts like you to ensure that every manuscript that’s considered for our journal receives a fair and informed technical review. Please go to Make sure we send you the most appropriate papers by filling out the brief survey identifying your areas of interest. That way you will see the papers that you are best qualified to review and have the most interest in reading. Are you already a reviewer but have never received a paper to review? Please visit the same website and verify that your areas of interest are noted because our associate editors use these to sort potential reviewers. And if your interests and areas of expertise are noted, and you still aren’t receiving any papers to review, please drop me an e-mail so I can fix that situation.

I hope to see many of you in Finland. Please plan to arrive at least a day early to enjoy one of Finland’s major holidays—Mid-summer Day. According to our conference organizers, Holiday Club Saimaa, the conference venue, will host a fantastic holiday party for us on June 24. Please, if you have not already done so, check the conference site ( for information on the short courses, accompanying persons’ program, the post-congress tour, and other activities to consider while in Finland. A total of 196 oral presentations will be given and about 50 posters presented.

And now it’s time to start getting ready for our next meeting. IMWA and ICARD will once again hold their conferences together—this time in Pretoria, South Africa. Take a moment to look at the or web sites to learn more. Our call for abstracts is still on and the 1st Announcement was sent out as well.

Finally, I also want to remind you, if you have not already done so, to pay your dues for 2017. Otherwise, you run the risk that this is the last printed issue you will receive!

Best Regards,

Bob Kleinmann, PhD


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