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Morphological development of laboratory-reared Crystallichthys matsushimae (Cottoidei: Liparidae)


Ontogenetic development in the snailfish Crystallichthys matsushimae (Jordan and Snyder 1902), including body proportions, pigmentation, tooth pattern and barbels, is described from specimens reared for 180 days after hatching. Newly hatched individuals, obtained 157 and 190 days after artificial fertilization of eggs [4.4 ± 0.22 (mean ± standard deviation) mm in diameter], had a flexed notochord, yolk sac, adhesive pelvic disk, and full complement of counts, including fin rays, gill rakers, and branchiostegal rays. Several dermal tubercles apparent on the nasal, maxillary, and mandibular regions in day 110 (20.7 ± 0.6 mm SL) had increased in length to form barbels by day 180 (33.2 mm SL).

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We express our sincere thanks to Shigeki Fujimoto and Shigetada Fujimoto, Akihiro Yorozuya and Kazuto Takeda (Fisheries Cooperative Association of Rausu) for their help in collecting parental fishes. We are grateful to Katsunori Seki, Tomoyuki Aoyagi, and Riki Niikura (Shiretoko Diving Service) for collecting juveniles in the wild and valuable information. Our appreciation is also extended to Yoshitaka Abe (former Executive Director, AMF) and Takeshi Furukawa (Executive Director, AMF) for their helpful advice and encouragement, Mai Hibino and Rintaro Ishii (AMF) for their assistance during the study, and Graham S. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) for his critical reading of the manuscript.

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