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Review of the Indo-Pacific scorpaenoid genus Plectrogenium Gilbert 1905 (Plectrogeniidae) with descriptions of eight new species

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Ichthyological Research Aims and scope Submit manuscript


A taxonomic review of Plectrogenium (Teleostei: Plectrogeniidae) disclosed 10 valid species, eight being new (most previously identified as P. nanum Gilbert 1905): P. nanum (Hawaiian Islands); P. barsukovi Mandrytsa 1992 [Nazca Ridge (southeastern Pacific Ocean)]; P. capricornis sp. nov. (New Caledonia); P. kamoharai sp. nov. (Japan and Taiwan); P. kanayamai sp. nov. [Emperor Seamount Chain, Kyushu-Palau Ridge (northwest Pacific), and Taiwan]; P. longipinnis sp. nov. (Marquesas Islands); P. megalops sp. nov. (Solomon Islands); P. occidentalis sp. nov. (Madagascar); P. rubricauda sp. nov. (Japan); and P. serratum sp. nov. (Vanuatu). Each species can be distinguished from the others by a combination of morphological characters, including number of pectoral-fin rays, head spine and squamation characteristics, body proportions, and coloration. Plectrogenium nanum and P. barsukovi are briefly redescribed on the basis of their primary types. A key to the species of Plectrogenium is provided.

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We are very grateful to A. Suzumoto and L. O'Hara (BPBM); Y. Kai (FAKU); S. Kimura (FRLM) and Y. Hibino (formerly FRLM); H. Motomura (KAUM); P. Pruvost, Z. Gabsi and R. Causse (MNHN); H.-C. Ho (NMMB); G. Shinohara and M. Nakae (NSMT); K. Hoshino (SNFR); J. Williams (USNM); A. V. Balushkin and M. V. Nazarkin (ZIN); and M. Kuroki (FUMT) for providing opportunities to examine specimens. We are also indebted to K. Mizumachi and T. Naito (formerly BSKU) for providing data and photographs of the type series of P. nanum; K. Koeda (ZUMT) and M. Kuroki (FUMT) for providing information on FUMT specimens; H. Motomura and K. Hoshino for providing photographs of fresh specimens; M. Nakae and G. Shinohara (NSMT) for registering the paratypes; students of BSKU for hospitality during the first author's stay at their institute; G. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) for reading the manuscript and providing help with English; and anonymous reviewers for providing valuable comments on the manuscript. SNFR specimens were collected through "Project Promoting Stock Assessments of International Fisheries Resources" promoted by Fisheries Agency of Japan. This study was supported in part by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 21K14905.

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Correspondence to Mizuki Matsunuma.

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