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A new reefgoby, Priolepis duostella (Perciformes: Gobiidae) collected from off Kashiwa-jima Island, Kochi, Japan


Priolepis duostella sp. nov. (Perciformes: Gobiidae) is described based on a single specimen of 28.8 mm in standard length collected from an artificial reef released established for 2.5 years in ca. 100 m depth off Kashiwa-jima Island, Kochi, southern Japan. Within the three species grades of the genus, the new species is included in the “Priolepis profunda” grade, characterized by the presence of predorsal scales and well-developed transverse papillae rows on the cheek. The new species can be clearly distinguished from congeners by its distinctive coloration, including two black blotches, each crossed by a vertical white stripe, on the caudal fin, four white stripes on the head, and six white bars on body, the second bar curved, continuous with the anteriormost diagonal stripe on the first dorsal fin, the third bar bent at the middle, originating on the second dorsal-fin origin, and the fourth bar curved. Although most similar in coloration to Priolepis akihitoi Hoese and Larson 2010, the new species can be distinguished from the latter by the following: a large eye, its diameter 31.4% of head length (HL) (vs. 26.1–30.3), a wide interorbital space, its width 10.9% HL (vs. 5.3–7.8), six bars on the body, second to fourth curve or bent (vs. eight, all straight), black blotches on the lower caudal fin (vs. absent), and three anterior transverse interorbital papillae (ATI) (vs. one or two); and four or five posterior transverse interorbital papillae (PTI) (vs. one or two).

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We are especially grateful to Niiya, Y., Fujita, K., Fukuda, A., Kuroda, A., Nitta, H., Iyota, T. and Nakano, D. (Otsuki Town) for their support with sample collection. We also thank Yoshimoto, N., Kiuchi, H., Miyamoto, M., Kondo, K., Kiuchi, K., Kataoka, S., Komatsu, S., Kawamura, R., Ikematsu, R., and Isshiki, H. (Non-Government Organization of the Precious Coral Protection and Development Association) with arranging the sampling. Thanks also go to Wada, H. (The Kagoshima University Museum) and Namura, Y. (Kochi University) for providing references. We also thank Fukada, J., Hashimoto, A. (Stella Chemifa Corporation), and Mezaki, T., Toshino, S., Kitamura, T., Yamashita, K. and Nagaoka, C. for their support during this research. Hardy, G.S. (Ngunguru, New Zealand) kindly improved the English in the manuscript. This study was supported in part by the Japan Fund for Global Environment of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency and a fund from Non-Government Organization of the Precious Coral Protection and Development Association, and JSPS KAKENHI 21K06313 JP and the Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant from The Japan Science Society for the first author.

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