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Spatial distribution of a single river endemic allotetraploid spined loach, Cobitis takenoi, in comparison with a co-inhabiting tetraploid congener species


Cobitis takenoi (hereinafter, Tango loach), an endangered species of tetraploid spined loach, is known to inhabit only a limited area of the Noda River in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan; it coinhabits this area with the tetraploid congener Cobitis sp. BIWAE type A (hereinafter, Ohshima loach) without interbreeding. This study used field surveys to reveal the spatial distribution and habitat selectivity of Tango loach and its interspecific relationships with Ohshima loach during the non-breeding season. Tango loach seemed to prefer a muddy bottom and be more concentrated in specific areas than Ohshima loach.

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We thank Dr. Koya Hashimoto (Kindai University) for advice on statistical analysis, and Messrs. Ryosuke Nozu and Yuji Onishi (Kindai University) for their help with the survey conducted in the study. We would like to thank Editage ( for English language editing. This study was conducted as a part of research on the development of conservation technology for endangered species entrusted by the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, in 2019. This study complies with the current Japanese laws.

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  • Endangered species
  • Ecological differentiation
  • Habitat selectivity
  • Hybrid origin