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Descriptions of two new species of Callogobius (Gobiidae) found in Japan


Callogobius albipunctatus sp. nov. and Callogobius dorsomaculatus sp. nov. are described from Japan. Both species are included in the sclateri group, characterized by elongate ctenii on the caudal fin base scales, the female urogenital papilla with two lateral projections, and the presence of cephalic sensory papillae Row 20 (preopercular row). Callogobius albipunctatus is characterized by cephalic sensory papillae Row 16 (transverse mandibular rows) comprising 10 papillae rows and a posteriormost single papilla, connected pelvic fins with a low frenum and concave posterior margin, cephalic sensory canal pores B'D(s)FH', 25–29 longitudinal row scales, 8–10 transverse row scales, and 7–11 predorsal scales, and C. dorsomaculatus by Row 16 comprising 11 papillae rows and a posteriormost single papilla, connected pelvic fins with a concave posterior margin but lacking a frenum, cephalic sensory canal pores B'C(s)D(s)EFH' or B'C(s)D(s)EFGH', 20–26 longitudinal row scales, 7–9 transverse row scales, and 6–10 predorsal scales. The cephalic sensory system in juvenile C. albipunctatus is described. Row 16, which is represented by three patterns within the genus, is redefined.

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We are grateful to Naomi Delventhal (Manitoba University, Canada) for useful information on Callogobius bifasciatus, C. clarki and C. winterbottomi, and her critical reading of the manuscript, Tetsuji Nakabo (Kyoto University) for his critical reading of the manuscript, Graham S. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) for helping with English, and Douglass F. Hoese (AMS) for useful information on Australian Callogobius and a paratype of C. swifti. We also thank M. Eric Anderson (SAIAB), Donugh Currie and Richard Winterbottom (ROM), late John E. Randall and Arnold Y. Suzumoto (BPBM) for the loan of specimens; Mark McGrouther, Amanda Hay and Kerryn Parkinson (AMS), Philippe Keith (MNHN), Gento Shinohara (NSMT), Ofer Gon, Nkosinathi Mazungula and Bafo Konqobe (SAIAB), Jeffrey T. Williams and Shirleen Smith (USNM) for the deposition of type specimens; Gerald R. Allen (WAM) for reexamining cephalic sensory canal pores of the holotype of C. swifti for responding to our request; Mark Allen (WAM) for taking photos of a paratype of C. swifti; Atsushi Ono (Diving Service Ono-nini), Takeshi Matsumoto (Yakushima Nature Activity Center), Kiyoshi Hagiwara (YCM), Toshihiko Yonezawa (The foundation of Kagoshima Environmental Research and Service), Kayo Sugiyama (Cabinet Office) and Masahiro Aizawa (formerly Imperial Household Agency) for helping collect specimens; Hiroshi Senou (KPM), Hiroaki Hayashi (volunteer stuff of KPM) and staff of the Iriomote Marine Research Station, Tokai University for their cooperation. We are also indebted to Masayoshi Hayashi and Munenori Kishida (Imperial Household Agency), Katsusuke Meguro (formerly Imperial Household Agency) for their helpful suggestions.

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