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Chelidoperca flavolineata, a new species of perchlet (Perciformes: Serranidae) from Indonesia and the first Indonesian record of C. maculicauda


The new serranid fish Chelidoperca flavolineata is described on the basis of 22 specimens from Indonesia (southern coast of Java, eastern Indian Ocean), in depths of 115–210 m. Literature records indicate that the species also occurs off northern Australia. The new species is most similar to Chelidoperca investigatoris (Alcock 1890) (known from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal) in having the head and body entirely pinkish with a distinct yellow stripe from the snout tip to the caudal-fin base when fresh. However, C. flavolineata can be readily distinguished from the latter, having 4 (3 full-sized plus 1 half-sized) scale rows between the lateral line and middle of the spinous dorsal-fin base [vs. 3 (2 full-sized plus 1 half-sized) in the latter]; the lower and upper lobes of the caudal fin reddish and yellowish, respectively, and ca. 4 small reddish blotches on the dorsal margin near the caudal-fin base when fresh (retained as dark brown blotches in preserved specimens) (vs. both lobes uniformly yellowish to reddish without blotches). Moreover, C. investigatoris is characterized by an extremely large head, its length 45.0–46.5% of SL (vs. 37.2–39.8% of SL in C. flavolineata); longer upper-jaw, its length 20.1–20.2% of SL (vs. 16.8–19.3% of SL); longer postorbital, its length 26.2–27.0% of SL (vs. 17.9–19.9%); and a broader interopercular spine, its width 5.5–5.7% of SL (vs. 3.6–4.8% of SL).

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We are especially grateful to H. Imamura, T. Kawai and F. Tashiro (HUMZ) for their hospitality during the first author’s visit to their institution, and for providing photographs of C. flavolineata; J. Maclaine and O. Crimmen (BMNH) for the loan of specimens, including C. flavolineata; S. Morishita (KAUM) and H. Hata (NSMT) for compiling data on the syntypes of C. investigatoris; and R. Ong (Singapore) for taking photographs of fresh C. flavolineata. We also thank S.-P. Huang (ASIZP), A. Suzumoto and L. O’Hara (BPBM), K. Sasaki and H. Endo (BSKU), A. Graham and J. Pogonoski (CSIRO), Y. Kai (FAKU), A. Yamaguchi and N. Yagishita (FFNU), H. Motomura and K. Wibowo (KAUM), P. Pruvost, R. Causse, Z. Gabsi, C. Ferrara and P. Béarez (MNHN), S. Tomiyama (MSM), M. Takami, N. Nakayama and T. Tamai (Tokai University, Shizuoka), H.-C. Ho (NMMB), K. Matsuura, G. Shinohara, M. Nakae and K. Kuriiwa (NSMT), W.-J. Chen, M.-Y. Lee and S.-H. Lee (NTU), K. Miyamoto (OCF), K. Hoshino (Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago, Oita), K. Hatooka and S. Matsui (OMNH), C. Aungtonya (PMBC) and U. Satapoomin (formerly PMBC), K. Shibukawa (SPMN), K. Hoshino (SNFR), U. Alama (formerly UPVM), T. Yoshino (formerly URM), J. Williams (USNM), Y. Kaji (WMNH), and K. Hagiwara (YCM) for providing opportunities to examine specimens; K. Fujiwara (KAUM) for compiling data on the holotype of C. occipitalis; A. Ogino (formerly KUN) for providing data on her examined specimens; Y. Tomimori (KUN) for taking X-ray photographs; all students of KUN for curatorial assistance; J. Williams and anonymous reviewers for providing helpful comments on the manuscript; and G. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) for reading the manuscript and providing help with English. This study was supported in part by a Grant-in-Aid from JSPS Research Fellow (PD: 16J00047) and a Grant for Scientific Research from the Faculty of Agriculture, Kindai University. Fresh specimens used in this study were obtained during the SJADES 2018 expedition, co-organized by Chief Scientists Dwi Listyo Rahayu (LIPI) and Peter Ng (LKCNHM), and funded by National University of Singapore and LIPI. Research permit from RISTEKDIKTI 80/SIP/FRP/E5/Dit.KI/III/2018.

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