Chelidoperca cerasina sp. nov., a new perchlet (Perciformes: Serranidae) from the southwest Pacific Ocean


The new serranid fish Chelidoperca cerasina is described on the basis of 13 specimens from the Coral Sea (off New Caledonia and eastern Australia), southwest Pacific Ocean, at depths of 245–338 m. The new species can be readily distinguished from all congeners by having the following combination of characters: an orange spot on pectoral-fin and caudal-fin bases; 4 scale rows between lateral line and base of spinous dorsal fin; cheek scales in 8 or 9 (modally 8) rows; tip of upper caudal-fin lobe elongated, slightly longer than lower lobe in specimens > ca. 100 mm; no longitudinal dark stripe or row of dark blotches laterally on body; interorbital scales extending beyond mid-orbit level, but not reaching anterior margin of orbit; scales on ventral surface of lower jaw restricted to angular, absent on dentary; pelvic fin short, tip not reaching anus when adpressed.

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We are grateful to S.-P. Huang (ASIZP), Y. Kai (FAKU), H. Motomura (KAUM), H.-C. Ho (NMMB-P), P. Pruvost, C. Ferrara and P. Béarez (MNHN), K. Matsuura, G. Shinohara, M. Nakae and K. Kuriiwa (NSMT), U. Alama (UPVMI), R. Thiel (ZMH), J. Maclaine (BMNH) and F. Tashiro (HUMZ) for providing opportunities to examine specimens. We especially thank H. Motomura and all students of KAUM for their kind hospitality during the first and fourth authors’ visits, and curatorial assistance and sampling of specimens; K. Fujiwara (KAUM) for examining the holotype of C. occipitalis; M.-Y. Lee and H.-C. Lin (NTUM) for generous assistance during the study; M. Nakae (NSMT) and M.-Y. Lee (NTUM) who provided a photograph of fresh C. cerasina; and K. Taguchi (formerly KUN) for drawing illustration of the new species. We appreciate T. Naito (BSKU) for providing specimens; all students of KUN for curatorial assistance; G. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) for reading the manuscript and providing help with English; and J. T. Williams and anonymous reviewers for providing variable comments on the manuscript. This study was supported in part by a Grant-in-Aid from JSPS Research Fellow (PD: 16J00047). WJC acknowledges the grant supports from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (MOST 102-2923-B-002-001-MY3 and MOST 107-2611-M- 002-007), and the French National Research Agency (ANR 12-ISV7-0005-01).

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Correspondence to Mizuki Matsunuma.

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