A new tapertail species (family Radiicephalidae; Lampridiformes) from Taiwan, the first confirmed western Pacific Ocean record of the family


Radiicephalus kessinger sp. nov. (Lampridiformes: Radiicephalidae), described from a single specimen collected off southwestern Taiwan, represents a formerly monotypic and rarely collected family, known almost entirely from the eastern Atlantic Ocean, although some unsupported larval records exist from the north and eastern Pacific oceans. Radiicephalus kessinger can be distinguished from the only other congener R. elongatus Osório 1917 on the basis of fin ray and vertebral counts, fin ray positions and lengths, lateral line position, jaw shape, dorsal body outline and teeth patterns. The specimen represents the first record of the family in the western Pacific Ocean, there being no reliable records or voucher specimens of the family from the Indo-West Pacific region. New information is given on scales and coloration of R. elongatus, based on examination of the neotype and additional specimens.

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We are especially grateful to Fang (Dong-gang Fish Market) and J.-F. Huang, (National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium) for supporting our fish collection, and O. Crimmen, J. Maclaine and N. Martin (BMNH), and H. Hata (Kagoshima University) for their help in examining specimens of R. elongatus. We appreciate N. Fujimoto (Hiroshima University) and T. Uejo (Kagoshima University) for assistance in accessing references. We also thank R.-R. Chen, J.-T. Lin and A. Koeda (National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium) for curatorial assistance. B. Russell (Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory) and G. S. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) kindly improved the English manuscript. The present study was supported in part by a JSPS Overseas Research Fellowship (29-304) to the first author.

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Correspondence to Keita Koeda.

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  • Radiicephalus kessinger sp. nov.
  • Radiicephalus elongatus
  • Taxonomy
  • Deep sea
  • South China Sea