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A new species, Propherallodus longipterus, from the Philippines and redescription of P. briggsi Shiogaki and Dotsu 1983 (Gobiesocidae: Diplocrepinae)

  • Kyoji FujiwaraEmail author
  • Hiroyuki Motomura
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Propherallodus longipterus sp. nov. (Gobiesocidae: Diplocrepinae) is described on the basis of three specimens (17.0–22.8 mm in standard length: SL) from the Philippines. The new species is characterized by the following characters: 8 or 9 dorsal-fin rays; 8 anal-fin rays; 23 or 24 pectoral-fin rays; 34 vertebrae; upper end of gill membrane level with 7th or 8th pectoral-fin ray base in lateral view; posterior nostril located slightly behind anterior margin of eye; head size moderate, length 30.3–32.1% of SL; disc size moderate, length 19.4–21.5% SL; caudal-peduncle depth 8.7–9.7% SL, 1.5–1.8 in caudal-peduncle length; dorsal- and anal-fin bases long, 14.8–17.8 and 15.7–17.3% SL, respectively; pre-dorsal-fin length 66.8–69.0% SL; dorsal-caudal length 31.1–31.8% SL. Propherallodus briggsi Shiogaki and Dotsu 1983, the most similar congeneric species, is redescribed on the basis of 10 specimens, including the holotype, and morphological changes with growth considered.


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We are very grateful to M. H. Sabaj (ANSP), H. Kawase (CMNH), H. Senou (KPM), G. Shinohara and M. Nakae (NSMT), and S. Smith and J. Williams (USNM) for opportunities to examine specimens; H. Endo and T. Naito (Laboratory of Marine Biology Faculty of Science, Kochi University, Kochi, Japan) and K. Kuriiwa (NSMT) for their assistance in taking X-rays; and Y. Kai (The Kyoto University Museum, Kyoto, Japan) for providing literature. Y. Haraguchi (KAUM) and other volunteers and students of KAUM provided curatorial assistance, and G. S. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) read the manuscript and provided help with English. This study was supported in part by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Numbers JP19770067, JP26241027, JP24370041, JP23580259, and JP26450265; the JSPS Core-to-Core Program: B Asia-Africa Science Platforms; the “Biological Properties of Biodiversity Hotspots in Japan” project of the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tsukuba, Japan; “Establishment of Research and Education Network on Biodiversity and Its Conservation in the Satsunan Islands” project of Kagoshima University adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan; and the “Island Research” project of Kagoshima University.


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  2. 2.The Kagoshima University MuseumKagoshimaJapan

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