Two new species of deepwater flathead Bembras Cuvier, 1829 from the Andaman Sea, eastern Indian Ocean


Two new species of Bembras Cuvier 1829, Bembras leslieknappi sp. nov. and Bembras andamanensis sp. nov., are described from single specimens collected from the Andaman Sea off Myanmar, eastern Indian Ocean, in 2015. The two new species are distinguished from each other and five known congeners by the numbers of anal-fin rays and pectoral-fin rays (15 and 20 in B. leslieknappi vs. 14 and 20–21 in B. andamanensis), forward-slanting body scale rows above the lateral line (80 vs. 74) and upper limb gill rakers (3 vs. 4), as well as by head (41.5 vs. 42.1% SL), snout (14.3 vs. 13.8% SL) and orbit (10.4 vs. 10.9% SL) proportions, and color of the second dorsal (dusky, with blackish spots only on first spine and bases of many soft rays vs. pale, with many scattered blackish spots), pectoral (with a blotch vs. without it) and caudal (both with a broad band) fins.

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The EAF-Nansen Project is acknowledged for providing us with the opportunity to work with material of Bembras collected during the R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen Myanmar survey. We are grateful also to Jens-Otto Krakstad and Oddgeir Alvheim (Institute of Marine Research, Norway), and the crew and personnel involved in the Myanmar Nansen survey. We are deeply indebted to J Paxton and M McGrouther (AMS), A-M Woolger (formerly BMNH), D Catania and T Iwamoto (CAS), PR Last and A Graham (CSIRO), S Kimura (FRLM), HK Larson and R Williams (formerly NTM), RJ McKay (formerly QM), J Williams (USNM), D Nelson (UMMZ) and H Wilkens (ZMH) for making specimens available, and to GS Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) for English corrections. This study was partly supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 2544019603 and “Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Asian Core Program—Establishment of research and education network on coastal marine science in Southeast Asia” funded to the first author (HI).

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Imamura, H., Psomadakis, P.N. & Thein, H. Two new species of deepwater flathead Bembras Cuvier, 1829 from the Andaman Sea, eastern Indian Ocean. Ichthyol Res 65, 488–495 (2018).

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  • Bembras leslieknappi sp. nov.
  • Bembras andamanensis sp. nov.
  • Description
  • Bembridae
  • Myanmar