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Cobitis sakahoko, a new species of spined loach (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) from southern Kyushu Island, Japan

  • Jun Nakajima
  • Yuzuru Suzawa
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We describe a new species of spined loach, Cobitis sakahoko, based on the holotype and nine paratypes collected from the Oyodo River system in the southern region of Kyushu Island, Japan. This species is distinguished from its congeners by the following combination of characteristics: lamina circularis at the base of the pectoral fin in adult males, a rectangular plate with a neck in the mid-lower part; the upper segments of the first branched soft ray of the pectoral fin broad; snout relatively short, length 32.1–38.2% of head length; long maxillary barbel, longer than the eye diameter; prepelvic myotome number 14; and line L5 organised in 8–13 oblong or ovoid blotches.


Cobitoidei Freshwater fish Cobitis sp. Oyodo form Oyodo-shima-dojyô 



We thank S. Toosaki, T. Iwasaki and M. Inamitsu for support in sample collection and Y. Kimizuka and M. Watanabe for their invaluable information. We are obliged to H. Senou (KPM) and Y. Sato (TKPM) for the donation of specimens, A. Tawa (Kyushu University) for taking the X-ray photographs, R. Uchiyama (Nature Photographer) for providing a valuable photograph, and the handling editor for giving helpful comments. This study was partly supported by Grants-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows (No. 08J02830).


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  1. 1.Fukuoka Institute of Health and Environmental SciencesDazaifuJapan
  2. 2.Institute of River Biology, Inc.MunakataJapan

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