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A new species of Timorichthys (Ophidiiformes: Bythitidae) from the East China Sea


A new bythitid fish, Timorichthys angustus, is described on the basis of a single specimen (52 mm in standard length, SL) collected from the East China Sea, Japan. The genus Timorichthys Nielsen and Schwarzhans 2011 was only known from the holotype of the type species Timorichthys disjunctus Nielsen and Schwarzhans 2011 caught in the Timor Sea. The new species differs from T. disjunctus in several characters, such as the pectoral fin peduncle being much longer than its width (vs. equal in T. disjunctus), precaudal vertebrae 22 (vs. 16), total vertebrae 62 (vs. 52), long rakers on the first gill arch 14 (vs. 6), horizontal eye diameter 3.1 % SL (vs. 1.3 % SL), interorbital width 0.8 % SL (vs. 3.3 % SL), posterior mandibular pore absent (vs. present), anterior infraorbital pores 1 (vs. 3), opercular spine not covered by skin (vs. covered by skin), otolith height to thickness 2.5 (vs. 1.8), and head and body light brown in alcohol (vs. dark brown).

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We are sincerely grateful to the captain, officers, and crew of R/V Kumamoto-maru (Kumamoto Reiyou High School), M. Fukuwaka, M. Yoda, H. Kurota, R. Yukami, K. Hidaka (Seikai National Fisheries Research Institute), M. Kawazu (Kyusyu University), and K. Minotani (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) for their assistance in sampling. We also thank D. G. Smith (Smithsonian Institution) and K. Hoshino (Seikai National Fisheries Research Institute) for their critical reading of this manuscript, M. A. Krag (Natural History Museum of Denmark) for producing the photographs, and H. Senou (Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History) and M. McGrouther (Australian Museum) for their advice in this study. This cruise was funded by the Fisheries Agency of Japan.

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Nielsen, J.G., Okamoto, M. & Schwarzhans, W. A new species of Timorichthys (Ophidiiformes: Bythitidae) from the East China Sea. Ichthyol Res 60, 237–240 (2013).

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  • Ophidiiformes
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