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Onychostoma minnanensis, a new cyprinid species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Fujian, southern mainland China, with comments on the mitogenetic differentiation among related species

  • N.-H. Jang-Liaw
  • I-S. Chen
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Onychostoma minnanensis sp. nov. is described from tributaries of the Julong River in Fujian Province, China, based on morphological and mitogenetic evidence. It is characterized by the following unique combination of features: (1) a flexible and nonserrated last simple ray, (2) lateral-line scales always 41–44 modally 42 and predorsal scales 12 or 13 modally 12, (3) longer maxillary barbels in head length, (4) smaller cornified rostral cap with thick upper lip and lower part of upper lip exposed, and (5) coloration of young individuals with random grayish-black spots near or above lateral-line scales. Morphological surveys and mitochondrial DNA analyses reveal that O. minnanensis and Onychostoma barbatulum in the neighboring Min River Basin are the most closely related species.


Onychostoma minnanensis sp. nov. Morphology CO1 cyt b mtDNA phylogeny 



We are very grateful to Wen-Hao Chou (NMNS), Jia-Lin Zhu (Xiamen Daily, Xiamen), Ruei-Yun Lin (Hwa-An Science Association, Hwa-An), Shun-Chi Cheng and Shih-Pin Huang (NTOU), and Chien-Chin Liu (National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei) for their assistance on the many field trips to mainland China and Taiwan. Special thanks are due to Chun-Guang Zhang, En-Qi Ye, Ya-Hui Zhao (IOZCAS), and Ho-Tien Hon (NMNS) for making partial material available for comparative studies. The research was partly supported by a grant from the National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan. The research of the second author was financed by a grant from the National Science Council, Taiwan, 2009–2010.

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  1. 1.Department of ZoologyNational Museum of Natural ScienceTaiwanRepublic of China
  2. 2.Institute of Marine BiologyNational Taiwan Ocean UniversityTaiwanRepublic of China

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