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Developmental morphology of the cyprinid fish Tanichthys albonubes

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Embryonic, larval, and juvenile development of a small cyprinid species, Tanichthys albonubes, is described from laboratory-reared specimens. The eggs, measuring 1.0–1.2 mm in diameter, were demersal, almost spherical in shape, transparent and unpigmented, with a pale yolk without oil globules. Hatching occurred 45–53 h after fertilization at 25.5°–26.9°C. The newly hatched larvae, measuring 2.2–2.6 mm in body length (BL), had melanophores on the head and body. In particular, a dark vertical streak occurring posterior to the otic capsule and melanophores above the eyes were distinctive. The yolk was completely absorbed at 3.4 mm BL. Notochord flexion was initiated at 5.0 mm BL and finished at 6.0 mm BL. Aggregate numbers of all fin rays were completed at 11 mm BL. Squamation was initiated at 8.4 mm BL and completed at 13 mm BL. Although the eggs of T. albonubes resembled those of other small danionin species, including Aphyocypris chinensis, Chela dadiburjori, Danio rerio, Devario malabaricus, Gobiocypris rarus, Hemigrammocypris rasborella, and Horadandia atukorali, they differed from those of A. chinensis, C. dadiburjori, G. rarus, and Horadandia atukorali in having a wider perivitelline space. The larvae and juveniles of T. albonubes were similar to those of the aforementioned seven species plus Danio albolineatus, Danio kerri, and Devario sp. (cf. D. aequipinnatus) in general morphology. However, the early life stage morphology of T. albonubes differed from them in having a dark vertical streak posterior to the otic capsule and melanophores above the eyes in the yolk sac larval stage, and a dark lateral streak with an unpigmented area just above the former on the body, a dark blotch on the caudal fin, and reddish dorsal, anal, and caudal fins during the postflexion larval and juvenile stages.

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