Ichthyological Research

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Systematics of Tanganyikan cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Perciformes)

  • Tetsumi TakahashiEmail author


The relationships among 53 genera of Tanganyikan cichlid fishes were analyzed based on internal and external morphological features. Comparison of the morphological cladistic tree with a previously proposed classification showed 5 of 12 tribes to be nonmonophyletic. Sixteen tribes were recognized, the changes in classification being that Trematocarini was treated as a junior synonym of Bathybatini; 5 new tribes were established for each of the following genera, Benthochromis, Boulengerochromis, “Ctenochromisbenthicola, Cyphotilapia, and Greenwoodochromis; “Ctenochromishorei was transferred from Haplochromini to Tropheini; and “Gnathochromispfefferi was transferred from Limnochromini to Tropheini. The revised classification was supported by previously proposed molecular trees.

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Cichlidae Lake Tanganyika Tribe Systematics Morphology 


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