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Table 9 Questions for the semi-structured interviews carried out with the stakeholders

From: Factors explaining adoption and implementation processes for web accessibility standards within eGovernment systems and organizations

ID Questions
Q1 What is your position? How were you involved with the website of the municipality?
Q2 When was the current website launched? Was it a revision of the previous website or was a new website developed? Were you involved since the beginning of this development process?
Q3 To what extent is the website of your municipality accessible? How do you know this?
Q4 How would you describe your involvement with the development of the website? How long and during which phases were you involved?
Q5 Who were your key contacts and employees during the development process of the website and how did you interact with them? Who was responsible for the accessibility of the website during the project?
Q6 How would you describe your ability to influence the eventual implementation of the accessibility guidelines?
Q7 What meetings to discuss the website and its progress did you attend?
Q8 What was discussed during the meetings and who were involved with the meetings? Were the accessibility guidelines also discussed during meetings about the website?
Q9 To what extent were people involved with the website aware of the obligation to comply with the accessibility guidelines?
Q10 Was an external agency hired to develop the website? What factors and considerations determined your choice for an external agency to develop the website? Did the agency or their website system limit you in your wishes and requirements?
Q11 Were the accessibility guidelines mentioned in the procurement toward the external agency? How was accessibility mentioned in the procurement? Were the guidelines mentioned as an obligation?
Q12 Was the website checked by someone, intern or extern, on complying with the accessibility guidelines? If so, by whom and how often was the website tested on accessibility?
Q13 What guidelines are, according to you, implemented, which not and why so? Did the quality mark ‘drempelvrij’ have an influence on this?
Q14 In what way did the available budget influence the development of an accessible website?
Q15 What do you think are the benefits of a website that complies with the accessibility guidelines?
Q16 What do you think of the obligation from the government to implement the accessibility guidelines on municipal websites? Do you know someone with a disability? Does this have an influence on how you see the guidelines?
Q17 What do you know about rules and legislation concerning online accessibility?
Q18 Can you describe your experience level and knowledge about accessibility? Did you follow training or courses to achieve that level?
Q19 In what way are the accessibility guidelines taken into account when adding new content on the website or when updates of the website occur? Is accessibility still an agenda item and how is it treated?
Q20 Age, position, education, gender