Distributed star coloring of network for IP traceback

  • Sangita Roy
  • Ashok Singh Sairam
Regular Contribution


IP traceback using packet marking technique allows direct traceback of attackers. Under this strategy en route routers inject mark into packets which is later used to unambiguously identify the source of an attack. Star coloring approach allows the mark to be reused, thereby saving bit space and at the same time explicitly identify the attacker. As the Internet structure is unknown, in the present work we propose a distributed approach of assigning color (mark) to routers such that the star color template is followed without consideration of the graph structure. An algorithm is proposed to minimize the color assignment conflict. The convergence of the algorithm is also discussed. Simulation study is presented to support the convergence analysis.


Distributed star coloring Hashing Convergence 


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  1. 1.Indian Institute of Technology PatnaBiharIndia

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