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Authors’ reply to Gandjour: “Modeling the cost-effectiveness of infant vaccination with pneumococcal conjugate vaccines in Germany”

  • Alexander Kuhlmann
  • J.-Matthias Graf von der Schulenburg

We thank Professor Gandjour for the interest in our article. His comments [1] show that some findings of our study [2] may require a more detailed explanation considering the complexity of the topic: modeling the effects and cost-effectiveness of vaccines including indirect effects. We are grateful for the opportunity to clarify the issues raised by Gandjour. In the following, we will give a point-by-point reply and present results of additional analyses.

Comment 1: quality-adjusted life years (QALY) results

Gandjour argues that the QALY calculation is flawed, since the “number of QALYs gained by the number of life years gained yields a ratio of just 0.56”, which is smaller than the lowest QALY weight in the population (0.59). In addition, PCV13 would prevent pneumococcal infections, which should yield an additional QALY gain. Gandjour therefore concludes that “the number of QALYs gained is underestimated based on the model input data” [1].

Our model predicted substantial benefits of...


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