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Crystal structure of a new high-performance magnesium slag desulfurizer modified by quenching hydration


The original magnesium slag has poor desulfurization activity, so modification treatments are needed to improve its desulfurization activity. In this article, magnesium slag was modified by quenching hydration. The crystal structure and morphology characteristics were obtained by XRD and TEM. And to further understand the relationship between crystal structure and desulfurization performance, desulfurization experiments were carried out by TGA. A theoretical basis for future development of desulfurization methods was provided, which could not only alleviate the disposal problem but also help control SO2 pollution. The results showed that the naturally cooled magnesium slag was mainly composed of γ-C2S and β-C2S. The irregular coordination of Ca2+ in β-C2S was the main reason that the hydration activity of β-C2S was higher than that of γ-C2S. With the increase of quenching temperature, the β-C2S content increased continuously, promoting the formation of C–S–H with developed pore structure. With the increasing hydration temperature, the hydration reaction of β-C2S could be promoted, and more amorphous C–S–H could be generated. The hydration product C–S–H enhanced the physical adsorption capacity, and the increase of crystal structure defects enhanced the chemical adsorption capacity. At 950 °C quenching temperature and 90 °C hydration temperature, the desulfurization activity was the highest.

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The authors acknowledge the financial support for this work provided by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. U1510135), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. U1810126), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. U1910214), Shanxi Province Science and Technology Innovation Project of Colleges and Universities (No. 2020L0073), Project (SKLD21KM16) supported by State Key Laboratory of Power System and Generation Equipment.

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