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Measurement of Basilar Membrane Motion During Round Window Stimulation in Guinea Pigs

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Driving the cochlea in reverse via the round window membrane (RWM) is an alternative treatment option for the hearing rehabilitation of a nonfunctional or malformed middle ear. However, cochlear stimulation from the RWM side is not a normal sound transmission pathway. The basilar membrane (BM) motion elicited by mechanical stimulation of the RWM is unknown. In this study, the BM movement at the basal turn was investigated in both reverse via RWM drive and acoustic stimulation in the ear canal or forward drive in postmortem isolated temporal bone preparations of guinea pigs. During reverse drive, a magnet-coil was coupled on RWM, and the BM vibration at the basal turn and the movement of the incus tip were measured with laser Doppler vibrometry. During forward drive, the vibration of the incus tip induced by sound pressure in the ear canal resulted in BM vibration and the BM movement at the same location as that in the reverse stimulation was measured. The displacement ratio of the BM to RWM in reverse drive and the ratio of the BM to incus in forward drive were compared. The results demonstrated that the BM response measured in both situations was similar in nature between forward and reverse drives. This study provides new knowledge for an understanding of BM movement induced by reverse drive via the RWM stimulation.

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This work was supported by the NSFC (China, 81070786) and the NIH (USA, R01DC011585). The experiment was conducted in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma.

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