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A case of idiopathic nodular glomerulosclerosis with fibrin caps

  • Chiharu KinoshitaEmail author
  • Yoshimoto Inoue
  • Yoko Kanda
  • Chiaki Kanda
Case Report


We report a case of idiopathic nodular glomerulosclerosis (ING) mimicking diabetic Kimmelstiel–Wilson glomerulopathy. A 72-year-old man suffering from nephritic syndrome and renal dysfunction had no prior history of diabetes mellitus, but had impaired glucose tolerance and a history of hypertension and smoking. A kidney biopsy showed increased mesangial matrix with Kimmelstiel–Wilson-like nodules, glomerular basement membrane thickening and capillary microaneurysms. Additionally, a large amount of fibrin caps detectable as electron-dense subendothelial material by electron microscopy were observed. Although ING with fibrin caps has been rarely reported, the large number of fibrin caps seen in this case may be due to the advanced clinical stage.


Idiopathic nodular glomerulosclerosis Fibrin cap Kimmelstiel–Wilson lesion Diabetic nephropathy Electron-dense subendothelial material 


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  • Chiharu Kinoshita
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  • Yoshimoto Inoue
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  • Yoko Kanda
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  • Chiaki Kanda
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  1. 1.Division of NephrologyKyoto Min-Iren Chuo HospitalKyotoJapan

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