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A rare case of Salmonella soft-tissue abscess


 A healthy 6-year-old boy had complained of fever and chest pain for 3 days. On admission, he had a mass on the sternum, 3.7 × 2.5 cm in size. Abnormal laboratory findings included a white blood cell count of 12 900/μl, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), 74 mm/h, and C-reactive protein (CRP), 9.7 mg/dl. Ultrasound examination of the chest revealed a hypoechoic lesion on the sternum that was 30 × 15 mm in size. Chest computed tomography (CT) scan showed no bone fracture or bone erosion. The patient received cefpirome, given intravenously at 60 mg/kg per day for 10 days. Incision and drainage was performed on the seventh day in the hospital, and we collected 0.5 ml of pus. Salmonella enteritidis was detected from the drainage. However, the patient had no gastrointestinal symptoms. He was discharged on the fourteenth hospital day, as he was asymptomatic. Results of all physical and laboratory examinations including blood and stool cultures and ultrasound examinations, were within the normal limits upon discharge.

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Received: March 13, 2001 / Accepted: December 4, 2001

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Minohara, Y., Kato, T., Chiba, M. et al. A rare case of Salmonella soft-tissue abscess. J Infect Chemother 8, 185–186 (2002).

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  • Key words Salmonella enteritidis
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