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Single-port access laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection through the colostomy site: a case report


Single-port access (SPA) laparoscopic surgery is emerging as an alternative to conventional laparoscopic and open surgery, although its benefits still have to be determined. We present the case of a 87-year-old woman who underwent abdominoperineal resection (APR) with SPA. The abdominal part of the operation was performed with a SILS port inserted through the marked colostomy site, and the specimen was removed through the perineum after intersphincteric dissection. Operating time was 317 min. Bleeding was negligible. The specimen measured 26 cm in length. Thirteen lymph nodes were found, 2 with metastasis. The patient recovered bowel function on the first postoperative day, was discharged on the 7th day and immediately resumed her to normal activities. Laparoscopic APR through SPA can be an alternative option for selected patients but requires advanced laparoscopic skills.

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