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Small bowel intussusception due to metastatic malignant melanoma. A case report


Small bowel metastatic deposits attributed to malignant melanoma are found in 2–5% of patients with malignant melanoma of the skin. Ileo-ileo intussusception caused by metastatic melanoma is a very rare condition. The prognosis of metastatic melanoma is poor. We report a case of a cutaneous malignant melanoma which metastasised to the small bowel causing enteroenteric intussusception. This case refers to a 66-year-old male patient who underwent surgery for suspected enteric intussusception. This diagnosis was suggested by computer tomography scan. The patient had had previous surgery for a primary malignant melanoma in the eyelid of the right eye. Segmental intestinal resection with regional lymph node dissection and ileo-ileo anastomosis was performed. Metastatic melanoma in the gastrointestinal tract should be suspected in patients with history of melanoma of the skin and acute gastrointestinal symptoms. Immediate laparotomy and excision of the affected bowel segment is the appropriate treatment.

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Gatsoulis, N., Roukounakis, N., Kafetzis, I. et al. Small bowel intussusception due to metastatic malignant melanoma. A case report. Tech Coloproctol 8 (Suppl 1), s141–s143 (2004).

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