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Frequency distribution curves and the identification of hotspots: response to comments

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  • Bartolino V, Maiorano L, Colloca F (2011) A frequency distribution approach to hotspot identification. Popul Ecol 53:351–359

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  • Cayuela L, Gálvez-Bravo L, Carrascal LM, de Albuquerque FS (2011) Comments on Bartolino et al. (2011): limits of cumulative relative frequency distribution curves for hotspot identification. Popul Ecol. doi:10.1007/s10144-011-0272-7

  • Fortin MJ, Dale MRT (2005) Spatial analysis: a guide for ecologists. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

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  • Wilson KA, Meijaard E, Drummond S, Grantham HS, Boitani L, Catullo G, Christie L, Dennis R, Dutton I, Falcucci A, Maiorano L, Possingham HP, Rondinini C, Turner WR, Venter O, Watts M (2010) Conserving biodiversity in production landscapes. Ecol Appl 20:1721–1732

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Correspondence to Valerio Bartolino.

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This reply refers to the “notes and comments” at doi:10.1007/s10144-011-0272-7.

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Bartolino, V., Maiorano, L. & Colloca, F. Frequency distribution curves and the identification of hotspots: response to comments. Popul Ecol 53, 603–604 (2011).

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  • Species Richness
  • Spatial Process
  • Global Method
  • Ensemble Approach
  • Global Threshold