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Nishi Memorial Award in Gastric Cancer


The Japanese Gastric Cancer Association (JGCA) established the ‘‘Nishi Memorial Award in Gastric Cancer’’ to commend high-quality papers published in Gastric Cancer. In each volume of the Journal, three articles are selected by the Editorial Committee, and the JGCA awards 100,000 Japanese yen to the first authors.

For volume 20, the following articles were selected.

Dose-escalation study for the targeting of CD44v+ cancer stem cells by sulfasalazine in patients with advanced gastric cancer (EPOC1205).

“Administration of sulfasalazine at a dose of 8 g/day in patients with advanced gastric cancer induced reduction of CD44v+ cancer stem cells and glutathione abundance in tumor.” 

Clinicopathological features of programmed death ligand 1 expression with tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte, mismatch repair, and Epstein–Barr virus status in a large cohort of gastric cancer patients.

“In GC, PD-L1 expression was associated with distinct clinicopathological features, including high densities of TILs, D-MMR, and EBV-positive status. PD-L1 expression was not a prognostic factor in GC.”

Short-term surgical outcomes from a phase III study of laparoscopy-assisted versus open distal gastrectomy with nodal dissection for clinical stage IA/IB gastric cancer: Japan Clinical Oncology Group Study JCOG0912.

“The efficacy of LADG compared with ODG was studied in an RCT enrolling 921 patients. This trial confirmed that LADG was as safe as ODG in terms of adverse events.”

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