Mechanistic Transformations Involving Radical and Cationic Polymerizations


Mechanistic transformation approach has been widely applied in polymer synthesis due to its unique feature combining structurally different polymers prepared by different polymerization mechanisms. Reported methods for the formation of block and graft copolymers through mechanistic transformation involve almost all polymerizations modes. However, certain polymerization processes require extensive purification processes, which can be time-consuming and problematic. Recent developments on controlled/living polymerizations involving radical and cationic mechanisms with the ability to control molecular weight and functionality led to new pathways for mechanistic transformations. In this mini-review, we systematically discussed relevant advances in the field through three main titles namely (i) from radical to cationic mechanism, (ii) from cationic to radical mechanism, and (iii) application of specific catalyst systems for both radical and cationic polymerizations.

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