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Adaptive measures for mountain Mediterranean forest ecosystem services under climate and land cover change in the Mont-Ventoux regional nature park, France


Climate change (CC) and land use and land cover change (LULCC) threaten Mediterranean forests and the ecosystem services (ES) they provide. In complex socio-ecological systems and under high uncertainties, the resilience of ES has become the target objective for adaptive management strategies driven by decision-makers and local stakeholders. This work develops an integrative and territorial approach to combining biophysical modeling and local managers’ assessments to elaborate scenarios of LULCC in response to climate and socioeconomic changes. It also evaluates the impacts of forest ecosystem changes on coupled ES for different time horizons for a case study of the mountain Mediterranean forests of Mont-Ventoux regional nature park. The results demonstrate first that the future ES provisions predicted by biophysical modeling in this area are less affected by CC than expected by local managers. Furthermore, LULCC increases the changes in ES provision and accentuates the difference between climate scenarios. These results originate from a combination of two effects: (1) pessimistic predictions by local managers and, as a consequence, and (2) anticipatory actions that tend to reinforce or even accelerate the expected changes in the mountain Mediterranean forest area.

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  1. The modeled climate scenario data follow the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP)

  2. “Wayfinder represents a new generation of resilience practice that will guide development practitioners, policymakers and other change-makers navigating towards better futures.”


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This work was supported by a grant from the ERA-NET FORESTERRA project INFORMED. The authors wish to thank the following for their cooperation and constructive discussions regarding the issues raised in this paper: Olivier Delaprison, Jean Ladier, Anthony Roux, Philippe Dreyfus, the different members of the INFORMED workshop, and reviewers/participants at the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Regional Europe conference (San Sebastian, 2018) for their useful comments.

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Tuffery, L., Davi, H., López-García, N. et al. Adaptive measures for mountain Mediterranean forest ecosystem services under climate and land cover change in the Mont-Ventoux regional nature park, France. Reg Environ Change 21, 12 (2021).

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  • Mountain Mediterranean forests
  • Ecosystem services
  • Climate change
  • Adaptive scenarios
  • Socio-ecological approach