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The new economic geography: Past, present and the future


This article presents a summary of our conversation on the past, present and future of the new economic geography, which took place with the help of an interlocutor in San Juan, Puerto Rico in November 2002. Following the introduction, we explain what the new economic geography is, and we describe some basic models. The discussion of its various critical aspects is presented subsequently, and the article concludes with the discussion of future issues and challenges facing the field.

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Correspondence to Masahisa Fujita.

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O41, R12

We thank Maria Makabenta, the guest-editors of the journal and an anonymous reviewer for valuable comments on earlier drafts. The first author is grateful to Grants in Aid for COE Research 09CE2002 and Scientific Research S 13851002 (Japanese Ministry of Education and Science).

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Fujita, M., Krugman, P. The new economic geography: Past, present and the future. Papers Reg. Sci. 83, 139–164 (2003).

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  • New economic geography
  • spatial economy
  • agglomeration
  • self-organisation
  • location theory