The JGS Editors’ Choice Article is one article from each issue that the editors recognize as providing an especially significant contribution to the field. The selected articles are announced through Twitter @JGeoSys and @Springernomics and listed on the JGS Editors’ Choice Article Web site. The recognized papers will be made free access for a certain amount of time.

The JGS Editors’ Choice of the current volume 24(4) is

Spatiotemporal high-resolution prediction and mapping: methodology and application to dengue disease

by I. Gede Nyoman Mindra Jaya and Henk Folmer (

This paper represents an exemplary analysis with well-founded methodology. The objective of the study is to generate high-resolution (cell) predictions based on observations at lower (area) resolution of the variable of interest (i.e., the number of Dengue incidences) and the population at risk, and high-resolution cell data (i.e., weather variables), while controlling for misalignment. This is achieved using a fusion area-cell spatiotemporal generalized geoadditive-Gaussian Markov random field model along with Bayesian integrated nested Laplace approximation. This paper is not only of interest to researchers in the field of spatial epidemiology, but also useful for cases where data measured at different levels of aggregation have to be combined, but spatial misalignment problems have to be avoided. The importance of the said leads us to recognize the paper as this issue’s Editors’ Choice.

On behalf of the editors-in-chief and the editorial team of Journal of Geographical Systems, our warmest congratulations to the awardees of the JGS Editors’ Choice Award!