The JGS Editors’ Choice Article is one article from each issue that the editors recognize as providing an especially significant contribution to the field. The selected articles are announced through Twitter @JGeoSys and @Springernomics and listed on the JGS Editors’ Choice Article website. The recognized papers will be made free access for a certain amount of time.

The JGS Editors’ Choice of the current volume 24(3), the Special Issue “Scale and Spatial Analytics” is

Understanding the impact of temporal scale on human movement analytics

by Rongxiang Su, Somayeh Dodge, and Konstadinos G. Goulias (

Scale has long been a key topic in geography and GIScience, but the static nature of traditional geographic data has meant that research on spatial scale has been far more common than research on temporal scale. But the rapid growth of spatiotemporal data, and especially trajectory data, has led to new interest in temporal scale, and the influence of sampling interval on the conclusions of research into trajectories. This paper's conclusions will be of interest not only to researchers who focus on human mobility, but also to biologists studying the trajectories of animals and birds, and to many other fields. The importance of the said leads us to recognize this paper as this issue’s Editors’ Choice.

On behalf of the editors-in-chief and the editorial team of Journal of Geographical Systems, our warmest congratulations to the awardees of the JGS Editors’ Choice Award!