The role of the map in a Web-GIS environment


The World Wide Web has changed the perspective on the role that maps can play. Their traditional function remains, e.g. to represent an abstraction of a selected part of reality to offer insight into geospatial patterns and relations. Additionally the map can be an important part of a search engine, especially in the context of geospatial data infrastructure. Maps can also function as an interface to other geographic and non-geographic information on the Web. The question ‘What are the implications of this expanding role of maps for a WebGIS environment?’ is addressed in this paper.

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Kraak, MJ. The role of the map in a Web-GIS environment. J Geograph Syst 6, 83–93 (2004).

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  • Search Engine
  • World Wide
  • Geospatial Data
  • Data Infrastructure
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