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BMLA Abstracts 2017


INV01 Mechanism of action and applications of LED therapy

Bernard Cambier1 Luc Huysmans2 Barbara Craigs2

1AZ Sint Blasius Hospital Dendermonde, Belgium2Roosevelt Medical Centre Ghent, Belgium


Dr. Bernard Cambier graduated in medicine, surgery and obstetrics at the University of Ghent. He was awarded his PhD in Biomedical Sciences in 1983. Currently Dr. Bernard Cambier is the head of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department and the Laser Clinic of AZ Sint Blasius Hospital, Dendermonde, Belgium.


Light-emitting diodes administer continuous or modulated light with relatively narrow bandwidths and low fluences. They act via photochemical or photo-biological pathways (PBM) instead of thermal mechanisms in any skin type. PBM can treat large areas within short treatment times. It’s comfortable, non-invasive and has no downtime.

Mechanism of action, and applications: The most well studied mechanism of action is based on cytochrome c oxidase (CCO),...

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