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Effect of soft laser and bioactive glass on bone regeneration in the treatment of bone defects (an experimental study)


This study aimed to investigate the influence of low-power gallium–aluminium–arsenide (GaAlAs) laser [830 nm, continuous wave (CW), 40 mW and fluence 4 J/cm2] on the healing of surgically created bone defects in rats treated with bioactive glass graft material. Surgical bone defects were created in the mandibles of 36 Wistar rats divided into two groups, each consisting of 18 rats. Group I was treated with bioactive glass plus laser irradiation. Group II was treated with graft material only. The animals were killed at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks postoperatively for histological examination. Laser irradiation had significantly accelerated bone healing at 4 weeks and 8 weeks in comparison with that at the sites not irradiated. However at 12 weeks, complete healing of the defects had occurred with no difference detected. Our results have confirmed the positive effect of soft laser in accelerating bone regeneration.

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The authors wish to acknowledge funding received for this study from the Egyptian Government for a Channel Link PhD Programme.

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