Increased fibroblast proliferation induced by light emitting diode and low power laser irradiation


Background and Objective: As Light Emitting Diode (LED) devices are commercially introduced as an alternative for Low Level Laser (LLL) Therapy, the ability of LED in influencing wound healing processes at cellular level was examined. Study Design/Materials and Methods: Cultured fibroblasts were treated in a controlled, randomized manner, during three consecutive days, either with an infrared LLL or with a LED light source emitting several wavelengths (950 nm, 660 nm and 570 nm) and respective power outputs. Treatment duration varied in relation to varying surface energy densities (radiant exposures). Results: Statistical analysis revealed a higher rate of proliferation (p ≤ 0.001) in all irradiated cultures in comparison with the controls. Green light yielded a significantly higher number of cells, than red (p ≤ 0.001) and infrared LED light (p ≤ 0.001) and than the cultures irradiated with the LLL (p ≤ 0.001); the red probe provided a higher increase (p ≤ 0.001) than the infrared LED probe and than the LLL source. Conclusion: LED and LLL irradiation resulted in an increased fibroblast proliferation in vitro. This study therefore postulates possible stimulatory effects on wound healing in vivo at the applied dosimetric parameters.

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The authors are grateful to Prof. Deridder for supplying the laboratory as well as the material necessary for this investigation, and to Ms. François, laboratory worker, for providing the culture medium and for the technical support.

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Vinck, E., Cagnie, B., Cornelissen, M. et al. Increased fibroblast proliferation induced by light emitting diode and low power laser irradiation. Lasers Med Sci 18, 95–99 (2003).

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  • Biostimulation
  • Fibroblast proliferation
  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • Low Level Laser
  • Tetrazolium salt