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Sustainability of energy, water and environmental systems: a view of recent advances

Special issue dedicated to 2020 conferences on sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems


This paper presents an overview for the special issue of Clean Technology and Environmental Policy journal (CTEP), and it includes invited papers from four Conferences on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) held in 2020. Conferences whose paper are a part of this overview are: 15th SDEWES Conference (01st September to the 5th September in Cologne, Germany), the 4th South East European SDEWES Conference (28th June to 2nd July in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), 2nd Latin American SDEWES Conference (09th to 12th February in Buenos Aires, Argentina) and 1st Asia Pacific SDEWES Conference (06th to 09th April, Gold Coast, Australia). Considering CTEP policy of high quality research papers, guest editors have invited 33 research articles, presented on the SDEWES 2020 conferences. After vigorous review process 16 papers have been accepted for publication within this special issue. All 16 accepted papers are briefly presented in this overview together with a wider view that presents research efforts within the SDEWES community published through previous SDEWES special issues.

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The Guest Editors of this SI section have the pleasure of thanking the international team of reviewers who dedicated a great deal of their time and efforts on adjusting the quality of the submitted manuscripts to reach the high standards of the Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy journal. Also they would like to express their gratitude to the Editor-in-Chief of Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy journal, Subhas K. Sikdar for his support and advice.

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