Table 2 Barriers to truck platooning implementation and adoption

From: Decarbonising road freight: Is truck automation and platooning an opportunity?

Barrier Reference
Potential reverse modal shift Bakermans (2016), Paddeu et al. (2019)
Multi-brand platooning Janssen et al. (2015), ATA (2015), ACEA (2017)
Cooperation between diverse group of stakeholders needed Bakermans (2016)
Human machine interface Paddeu et al. (2019), COMPANION (2016)
Public reaction Janssen et al. (2015)
Initial cost of investment in new technology Janssen et al. (2015)
Distribution of earnings Janssen et al. (2015), Paddeu et al. (2019)
Insurance and liability Janssen et al. (2015)
Regulations and legislations Janssen et al. (2015), Eckhardt (2016), Paddeu et al. (2019)