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Table 3 Criteria for estimating the likelihood and accuracy of the potential diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis (LB) made by the clinician [1, 2, 4]

From: Serodiagnosis of Lyme borreliosis—is IgM in serum more harmful than helpful?

LB diagnosis Objective clinical signs consistent with LB (Table 1) Serology supporting the suspected manifestation (Table 1) Seroconversion or significant elevation of antibodiesa
Confident Yes Yes Yes
Doubtful Yes No No
Doubtful No Yes No
Unlikely No No No
  1. aThese parameters were assessed when available. Seroconversion, from negative to positive (IgM or IgG). Significant elevation of antibodies, a 2-fold increase or more of the antibody level (optical density)