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Holmes tremor and palatal tremor in hypertrophic olivary degeneration: involvement of brainstem

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The authors thank Xian Liu, PhD (Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Department of Radiology) for his specialized guidance.

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HT is not limited to the upper limbs and could be present in the trunk, especially the pelvis. HT is classically characterized as a combination of rest, postural and kinetic tremors of irregular and coarse amplitudes. (MPG 5348 kb)


Holmes tremor in upper limbs. In this video, we first show tremor enhancement upon the patient raising both upper limbs. Second, we show the right thumb tremor in the resting state. Last, the patient was asked to perform the finger-nose test and could not finish the test; tremor exacerbation occurred when he tried to finish the test. (MPG 8012 kb)


PT with rhythmic palatal contractions, laryngeal muscle spasm and slurred speech. (MPG 6946 kb)

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