Table 3 Professionals included in the PDTA for patients with status epilepticus, according to the opinion of participants

From: Clinical pathways of epileptic seizures and status epilepticus: results from a survey in Italy

 Which professionals are included in the PDTA of patients presenting at the hospital with status epilepticus?
Professionals included in a formal PDTA
(n = 87)*
Professionals involved in informal agreements
(n = 46)*
Epileptologists/neurologists, emergency physicians23 (26%)11 (23.9%)
Epileptologists/neurologists, emergency physicians, intensivists48 (55%)26 (56.5%)
Epileptologists/neurologists, emergency physicians, intensivists, specialist in internal medicine16 (18%)8 (17.4%)
Other specialists1 (2.17%)
  1. *Total number of participants who answered each specific question