Table 2 Summary of the different tests that individual dogs participated in training and testing

From: Behavioural coordination of dogs in a cooperative problem-solving task with a conspecific and a human partner

  1. The different stages of the training are depicted in the order in which they were experienced by the dogs. In the temporal coordination columns for the dog–dog dyads, the delay validity test indicates which of the two dogs in the dyad was given the test at that point (dog A or dog B), and the information which dog was randomly assigned to be in the role of dog A and dog B is given in the columns of ‘A subject’ and ‘B subject’ which indicate which dog was the subject in the respective temporal coordination test. Note that Ska participated in the dog–dog dyad tests after she participated in the dog–human dyad (as denoted by ^), and Sapa and Rama participated in the dog–dog dyad tests twice (second time denoted by *). Given that these three dogs already once participated in a delay validity test, they were not tested a second time. The second time Sapa and Rama were tested with a dog (denoted by *) both dogs acted as dog B, because they already had experience of the maze
  2. Dashed lines indicate conditions the order of which was counterbalanced across dogs