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Effects of fucoidan on cell morphology and migration in osteoblasts


Fucoidan has been reported to induce the differentiation and mineralization of osteoblastic cells. Here we investigated the effects of fucoidan on the morphology and migration of osteoblasts and found that the effects of fucoidan on the migration of osteoblasts vary depending on the conditions under which the cells are treated. A migration assay using cells treated with fucoidan before stable attachment on plates showed slightly increased migration of fucoidan-treated cells compared to control cells, whereas wound healing experiments using stably attached cells exhibited a slightly decreased migration. The fucoidan-treated cells became shrunk and rounded and showed significantly decreased spreading and adhesion compared to control cells. F-actin was highly accumulated at the rounded cell cortex by fucoidan treatment. These studies suggest that the slightly increased migration of cells in the presence of fucoidan might be correlated to the morphological changes and decreased adhesion.

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