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Protective effect of polyamine extract of salt stressed and sprouted soybean seeds against ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in rats


The anti-ulcer activity of polyamine extract (PAE) of salt stressed and sprouted soybean seeds against ethanol-induced gastric damage was investigated in a rat model. The contents of the polyamines putrescine (20.11%), spermidine (9.46%), and spermine (2.79%) in PAE were determined using HPLC. The anti-ulcer activity of the extract was compared with the effects of the reference drug omeprazole. Pre- and post-administration of PAE at doses of 10+10, 20, and 20+20mg/kg of body weight in conjunction with ethanol administration significantly protected ethanolinduced gastric damage. The levels of superoxide dismutase and glutathione in stomach tissues were significantly changed, when compared with an ethanol control group. Polyamine extract exhibited high protective effect against ulcer lesions and could be used to develop new anti-ulcer drugs.

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