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Table 4 Current management of RA-related fatigue (N = 110)

From: Rheumatologists’ knowledge, attitude and current management of fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Questions Yes P
Total group Rheumatologists (N = 93) Trainees (N = 17)
Do you measure/assess fatigue? 6 8 0 NS
Do you think patients follow your advice?a 52 63 41 NS
Do you document fatigue and the specific advice you gave the RA patient in the patient’s record? 60 69 35 <0.001
Do you ever refer your patients on for treatment of their fatigue?b 30 34 12 NS
As fatigue is a subjective symptom it cannot be measured 17 18 18 NS
Communication about fatigue between the healthcare provider and the RA patient is generally excellent/good 31 36 6 < 0.05
Healthcare providers place as much emphasis on the treatment of fatigue as they do on other symptoms such as pain or stiffness? (strongly agree/agree) 5 6 6 NS
  1. Values are percentages
  2. NS Not significant
  3. aThirty-five percent was missing
  4. bTwenty-six percent was missing