Discussion arising from the 1st Hans Cloos Lecture, by John Knill

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Following the first Hans Cloos Lecture given by Sir John Knill on the opening day of the 9th IAEG Congress in Durban, South Africa, in September 2002 (published in the Bulletin Vol 62, No 1) a discussion meeting was held to identify issues challenging the future of the profession. It was attended by some 60 engineering geologists from across the world.

The meeting was opened by Louis van Rooy, representing the Congress Organizers, and chaired by Fred Baynes for the IAEG.

Sir John Knill commented briefly on the favourable reaction of the Congress to his presentation on core values.

President-Elect Niek Rengers described the recent meeting that he had held with ISRM and ISSMGE concerning the role of engineering geologists in ground engineering, with a view to closer integration within Europe. This initiative is likely to progress by defining the fields of professional activities of engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers and addressing the education and training curricula, and...


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