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Inclusive decays and lifetimes of doubly-charmed baryons


The analysis of singly-charmed hadrons has been extended to the case of doubly-charmed baryons, \(\Xi_{cc}^{++}\), \(\Xi_{cc}^{+}\) and \(\Omega_{cc}^{+}\). Doubly-charmed baryons are described as a system containing a heavy cc diquark and a light quark, as in the case of a heavy–light meson. This leads to preasymptotic effects in semileptonic and nonleptonic decays that are essentially proportional to the meson wave function. Interplay between preasymptotic effects in semileptonic and/or nonleptonic decay rates leads to very clear predictions for semileptonic branching ratios and lifetimes of doubly-charmed baryons.

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Received: 21 January 1999 / Published online: 20 May 1999

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Guberina, B., Melić, B. & Štefančić, H. Inclusive decays and lifetimes of doubly-charmed baryons. Eur. Phys. J. C 9, 213–219 (1999).

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  • Wave Function
  • Decay Rate
  • Light Quark
  • Light Meson
  • Clear Prediction